Who is Puck – Original Sept. 2016

Dear Gamma Sigma Sigma Members,

Once again we come to you with great news and progress towards a successful Convention 2017. We hope that you are getting as excited as we are to arrive in Pittsburgh in July. Although we face some challenges in having convention in downtown Pittsburgh, one of those is not city pride. Which leads us to an interesting question, who is Puck?  Puck is a friend and guide that we met while in Pittsburgh for the planning meeting over the summer. He is not our national Mascot nor is he going to be at any time. While in Pittsburgh this summer and touring the city we noticed many signs celebrating the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins. We all know about the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Pittsburgh Pirates but many of us didn’t know about the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pittsburgh is rich in tradition and sports champions, including their hockey team. So we thought while we were touring the city it only made sense to bring along someone who had been celebrated recently for their win in hockey. If you notice he is the best ambassador to the city, he even has the city name on his belly. Why is he called Puck? He has a hockey stick and puck on his belly. He was able to show us many areas that a normal tourist may not know about. Puck became such a good friend that he decided to travel to North Carolina to help our Convention Chair Keli spread the word and further work on promoting the 2017 National Convention in Pittsburgh. Would you like to meet Puck in person? You can meet him at the upcoming conferences in Minneapolis, Orlando, and Richmond. He will be traveling with members of the Convention Committee to help answer questions about the Convention and the City.

The next update the committee would like to share with you is the date for convention registration to go live. We are well on track to getting early registration started on October 1st. This is the earliest date that convention registration has ever been available. Early registration allows us to create more direct informational communication with convention attendees. It gives members the opportunity to ask parents and friends to consider supporting their convention attendance in lieu of other holiday gifts. Early registration is anticipated to kick-off and spread the excitement about participating in our convention. The registration price has not been published as of yet but we realize that holding a convention in the heart of a major city brings with it increased expenses as compared to prior conventions. To assist with affordability, our Convention Chair has put together some tips for fundraising that you will see in future communications. The Convention Committee is also trying to fundraiser for the convention. We are soliciting for sponsors for various items and events at the convention. This will hopefully allow us to have a wonderful convention in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh at a price that we can afford.

Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or suggestions by emailing convention@gammasigmasimga.org. You can also contact us through our Facebook page. Remember to post on our Facebook Event page reasons why members should attend convention and share memories that you have from past conventions. Remember to use our convention Hashtags – #iServegss2017 and #followmetoconvention2017

Your Convention Committee,

iServe – GSS Convention 2017

Pittsburgh, PA July 5th – 9th, 2017

Downtown Pittsburgh


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