Convention Update #2 – original Aug. 2016

Dear Members of Gamma Sigma Sigma,

As we start to prepare for July 5th, 2017, you will notice a few items that we have released to the rest of the organization that we feel would be beneficial for you to be aware of. First, we have released (what has traditionally been called) the DD Road Piece. In past years, the DD Road Piece was given to District Directors to share with their collegiate chapters. This year the DD Road Piece is being utilized in so many other facets! One way is to post it on all social media sites and to share it with this group of interested members to gain more interest in coming to Convention 2017. The Convention Committee has set some lofty goals of increasing attendance at Convention 2017, and the only way that we can reach these goals is to get the word out that this is going to be one of the best Conventions ever! The DD Road Piece is the first of many marketing materials that will be utilized to increase interest in coming to Convention 2017.

Next, we are sending you a copy of the information for our first ever Convention Fundraiser. As you may have guessed, having a Convention in Downtown Pittsburgh can be a costly endeavor. To maintain our registration prices and the fun “extras”, our fundraiser will raise money for some fun and exciting items that the Convention Committee would like to do for our attendees and gain further attention for attendees to come to Convention! If you would like to make a purchase please let us know by contacting Keli Connor at Please remember to check our Facebook Event page for weekly updates on Wednesdays, use our hashtags #iServeGSS2017 & #followmetoconvention2017, and post on our Facebook event page about a convention that you attended or any questions you have! In our next letter look forward to further information about the registration process, our friend Puck, and some other great information about the plans for Convention 2017. Thank you for your time and attention.

Your Convention Committee Convention 2017

iServe Pittsburgh, PA July 5th – 9th

Downtown Pittsburgh

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