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Why Should Alumni Attend Convention

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As an alumni many of you may have attended 1 or more conventions in the past. So why is it important to attend this convention? All alumni are an essential piece of our history: You are our past board members. You have experience to share; you’ve “been there, done that” and can help younger members learn from your trials and errors. No matter how many times you have gone, there are always stories to be told to newer members about Conventions past. Pick up those friendships once again. You know it happens; you haven’t seen someone in 2 years, the minute you walk into Convention and see that person you pick up where you left off as if it was yesterday. You get the chance to see sorority friends from all across the country; come for a GSS reunion and take a trip down memory lane. In short: You are the living history of GSS – you have stories to share that will never be known if you don’t attend. You help to connect the sorority’s past to its present and future; your participation really brings home the idea that joining GSS can be a lifetime joy if you want it to be. Interested in joining us, register today by using the registration link on the Website


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